pdf file Research of Wis Comfort on ultrafilters and the Stone-Cech compactification (to appear in Topology and its Applications)

pdf file (With L. Jones and D. Strauss) The relationships among many notions of largeness for subsets of a semigroup (to appear in Semigroup Forum)

pdf file A history of central sets (to appear in Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems)

pdf file (With D. Strauss) Image partition regularity of matrices over commutative semigroups (to appear in Topology and its Applications)

pdf file (With D. Strauss) Sets and mappings in beta S which are not Borel (to appear in New York J. Math.)

pdf file (With D. Strauss) Some new examples of infinite image partition regular matrices

pdf file (With W. Brian) Factoring a minimal ultrafilter into a thick part and a syndetic part

pdf file (With D. Strauss and L. Zamboni) Combining extensions of the Hales-Jewett Theorem with Ramsey Theory in other structures